A Parent’s Guide to Staying Sane in Road Trips

Enjoyment of traveling is one of those activities that parents often want to pass on to their children, and it’s not hard to see why. Creativity, a love of learning and new experiences, exposure to other places and cultures, and the pure bonding that comes from making memories as a family can’t be ignored. Travel offers plenty of amazing opportunities for memories, for growth, and for bonding, but at the same time any parent who has tried to travel with children understands there are serious challenges that come along with this, as well. However if you follow these upcoming tips and check out the best deal in RV rentals then you will travel with a lot more sanity than you would otherwise end with.

Plan Frequent Short Designated Stops

You might be able to drive for hours upon hours on end with all your focus on the destination, but your kids won’t. Don’t try to press your luck by pushing 3-4 hours in between stops. This is a strategy that just doesn’t work well. Even if you find your kids are relatively well behaved, three hours of straight questions to stop from being bored will do a number on the patience and sanity.

Plan short stops every so often. If you know you’re going to take them ahead of time, then you have the ability to look up a map and plan some of those stops. Do some research. Some states like Iowa have fantastic rest stops that often have vending machines, Wi-Fi, and a well maintained park area. Are there river towns along the way? Cute little “picture points?” There are many places that can make a good break point and frequent rests will definitely make for more peaceful travel all around.

Plan for Games and/or Entertainment

Not planning games and travel entertainment is just asking for problems. While the lead up to a road trip can be tiring, especially when you consider all the odds and ends that need to be planned when it comes to RV rentals, but not going into the trip with any type of an entertainment plan is just asking for it and just throwing a bunch of electronics at the kids isn’t a plan.

While taking advantage of any Blu-ray players, iPads, and electronics is a good idea because of all the variety offered there, you should also plan out travel games, friendly competition, or even sparring up conversation about upcoming sites, places, or facts that might be interesting or exciting to talk about.

Add in planned snack times and maybe some favorite surprise snacks for the kiddos and by pacing it out you can help time move by faster and keep everyone entertained as focus goes from one small thing to the next instead of getting caught up in a really long wait for the end arrival time.

Is Night Driving an Option?

When parents are trying to keep their sanity, especially during particularly long road trips, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of cheating. If driving throughout part of the night when the kids are more likely to sleep is an option, why not take advantage of it? This is especially useful often times on the first night out or the last night back when you’re more likely to need to cover a lot of miles.

While you don’t want to travel at night and sacrifice your day times from sleeping too much or missing the prime hours for visiting certain places or sites, even a few extra hours of night driving can often make a big difference, so take a look at whether this is a viable option to take advantage of or not.

Foster Their Interests When Possible

Do kids love animals and there’s a zoo coming up? Do you have older kids into art, and beautiful landscapes coming up? Who likes weird trivia? While this step can take a little bit of time to figure out and plenty of planning, but any type of travel game, short stops during the travel, or conversation points that relate to the kids’ interests will definitely help time fly by more quickly and keep everyone in a bit of a better mood.

The more you can meet the kids on their own level the better although admittedly this works a lot better with slightly older children that the particularly young ones in the family.

Always Build in Extra Time

This should be obvious, but it is amazing how many parents overlook this. When you’re planning your trip the best way to avoid whining, crying, and prolonged arguments between siblings is to make sure your route is planned out with enough small stops to break things up. You need to put in extra time. If you want 6 hours’ worth of solid driving, you can’t plan on 6 hours of the day. Build in those breaks, build in another 30 minutes for an unplanned break, and add 10-20% and you’ll find your travels much easier and more relaxing.

If you look for the best deal in RV rentals and follow the advice from this article, you’ll be able to travel with kids and keep your sanity along the way!