Advantages Of Joint Hangers In Construction

Joist hangers are a hardware device used to anchor decks, ceilings, and floors within a building. These devices are made to connect joists to their surrounding framing systems. They are usually made of aluminium, engineered wood or steel.

The steel used to make these joists may be pre-galvanised smear steel or made to order stainless steel. These joists provide overall stability to the structure. The thickness of these hangers ranges from 0.8mm to 3mm. Nowadays premium quality joist hangers are available in every size and variation.

Here are a few things you must consider before making a choice as to which joist hanger you must buy.

Design: Some home designs are adventurous and unconventional. Sloped joist hangers, mini joist hangers, and skewed joist hangers help you bring those creative angles to life. Some joist hangers are customisable and adjustable to do custom angles as required in specific projects.

Load: The type and size of the hanger depend on the load it has to bear. How much load a joist can bear will also depend on the material being used to manufacture the same.

Material: Timber to masonry joist hangers are different from timber to timber joist hangers. In order to increase the surface contact area, masonry joist hangers have wide top flanges.

Where to Buy?

Joist hangers can be easily purchased from lumber yards and home improvement stores. Nowadays, you can get joist hangers of every shape and size on sites such as In order to surround the three sides of a joist, the hanger is usually U shaped.

Some may also be T shaped and have sloping plates or connecting arms for higher wall framing connection. Some hangers have a heavy-duty design to cater to heavy loads and beams. Some hangers are even designed to accommodate double beams!

Advantages of Joist Hangers

Joist hangers are superior to screws or nails when it comes to fastening joists. They have a greater ability to withstand twisting or warping of wood with the passage of time. They give the perfect support to the structure. Joist hangers are ideal when it comes to bearing heavy loads.

Joist hangers are more durable and heavy duty. Though it may seem that joist hanger is more expensive, they last for longer and are cost-effective in the long run. You will even save on the regular repair charges and labour costs Joist hangers are easier to install and meet the requirements of local building codes.

Picking the right size of joist hanger is very crucial. Joist hangers once purchased, should not be modified or cut smaller. It is recommended to buy the largest size of joist hanger to fit your joists. The pre-drilled holes in the hanger must be filled with the proper screws and nails. Galvanised joist hangers are recommended to prevent rusting and corrosion over a period.

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