Best Gujarati Farsaan Items

Best Gujarati Farsaan Items

Gujarati farsaans are the charm of Gujarati cuisine. It’s not that a range of Gujarati snacks or farsaans are prepared only to entertain the guests or on special occasions, but are like an everyday thing in every Gujarati house.

There is an array of Gujarati farsaans like deep-fried ones, steamed ones, spicy ones or the tava cooked ones, the list is countless! Among all the GujaratisfarsaanDhokla need a special mention, and others can learn how to make dhokla in Hindi by visiting the Hindi recipe variant.

Let’s discuss some of the delicious Gujarati farsaan items:

  1. Khakra: Indeed, the most famous and conventional Gujarati recipe which looks like a thin paratha or a papad. In addition to plain khakra, masala khakra’s are also available and tastes best when served with tea. It can also be enjoyed with pudina chutney as well.
  2. MethiThepla: This is one item which can munch at any time of the day. This is a light and healthy item and one of the best snacks for children who hate greens like fenugreek or spinach. This is the best snack item to incorporate some greens into children’s diet by mixing some spinach in the dough.
  3. Dhokla:It is mentioned earlier in the article that Dhokla needs a special mention. The pure reason for this is that it is the most popular snack in Gujarat. No morning gathering can be completed without serving dhokla at the breakfast table. For people who don’t know how to make dhokla’s at home, dhokla recipe in Hindi is readily available. It tastes best when served with some chillies and Gujarati kadhi.
  4. FaraliPattice: Fasting is a common practice in Gujarat, and this is the best recipe during fasts. During Navratri, which is the main festival of Gujarat, almost all the girls do fasting. And this item indeed motivates them to keep fasts as it is so delicious that people have it on regular days as well.
  5. NamkeenChivda:NamkeenChivda or PohaChivda is one of the most popular evening snacks in Gujarat. While enjoying a laid back evening watching TV, this item is like a paradise, if paired with tea. There are various variants also available in it like spice chivda or dry fruits chivda, and many others.
  6. MethinaGota: This is the Gujarati name of Methipakora. Unlike many dry Gujarati snacks, this is a deep fried snack, and mostly served with evening tea.
  7. Undhiyu: Now this is one snack, which is made for special occasions. Undhiyu is a one pot vegetable dish, and can be called as the distinctive addition of Gujarati cuisine.The reason it is made mostly on occasions because it consumes a lot of time than the other Gujarati snacks, which are quick and easy to make.

The list of Gujarati farsaan can never end as there are ‘n’ numbers of varieties available. For people who don’t like spicy food, Gujarati snacks are the best option for them. Many Gujarati snacks dishes are also side dishes and are enjoyed not only in breakfast but as late afternoon snacks as well.