Choosing the Right Electronic Cigarette

For those new to vaping, it can prove confusing. There are so any different names and terms for what is essentially the same thing or product so we find its best to just get stuck in and learn as you go along.

For all those who want to get it right first time, we’ve produced a mini guide which will serve as a great introduction to the world of vaping.

What Is an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is a catch all term for any device that allows you to vape. What they all include is some form of power supply and what is known as a coil. It is this coil that heats up, atomising your eliquid of choice to a very high temperature and allowing you to inhale its vapour.

Inhale and exhale, just like you would a cigarette and you will be provided with a nicotine hit accompanied by a flavour of your choice.

The Original E Cig

Before vaping really took off, most people would vape on a device which mimicked an actual cigarette. They were similar in size but much heavier due to the onboard battery.

These little devices were charged by a USB plug which could be plugged into any wall socket or USB port you find on your computer. The flavour was brought to you by little capsules that had a finite amount of e liquid in them and had to be swapped out for new ones when empty.

Needless to say, this type of ecig wasn’t very good and was quickly replaced with better models but they are still available on the market.

The Clearomiser

This is where things got interesting. The term clearomiser refers to a small tank which can be filled with eliquid you buy in bottle form. Simply unscrew the base and add your eliquid of choice.

Inside each clearomiser is of course a coil which soaks up your eliquid and then turns it into vapour when a current is passed through it.

The beauty of these devise is their user friendliness, as they are very simple to pick up and play for all those new to vaping. Simply swap the coil out when the flavour profile has been exhausted and you’re getting a burnt taste.

Drippers and Sub Tanks

Here we move onto kit designed for the pros. These devices were made to create large clouds of vapour from small amounts of eliquid.

The dripper works by adding a few drops of juice directly onto the coil and then taking a puff. More juice will need to be added for every few puffs you take.

The sub tank on the other hand is a beefed up clearomiser which holds more eliquid and requires more power to run. The result is huge vapour clouds that could fill a room and a serious nicotine hit.

Buy Your Electronic Cigarette

We suggest that you start small and go for a simple clearomiser initially. You can buy an e cig online at your retailer of choice where they will then deliver it to your door in a matter of days. Don’t forget to buy enough e juice to see you through until you settle on a device that works for you.

Before you know it, you might even find yourself involved in a cloud chasing competition where you might win a prize or two.