Creating an Outstanding Trade Show Display

Your preferred trade show exhibit serves a powerful, direct reflection of the quality, overall image, and the products and services your company has to offer. To be more effective, the visual impact created by your trade show display must create a first strong impression and pass the desired message within a few seconds.

Getting started

To determine the right type, design, size, and configuration of your trade show display, answer the following questions.

  • What do you intend to accomplish via trade show participation?
  • How will you use your exhibit to meet your goals?
  • How large are the trade show events you intend to take part in? Do they attract local, regional, or national attendees?
  • What location (corner, island, in-line, or end) and size of display space do you need?
  • How many trade show events do you plan to take part in annually?
  • Do you have an effective way of transporting you display to each show?
  • How much do you intend to spend in creating a display for trade show exhibits?

Answering these questions correctly will give you an idea of what you need in terms of creating an excellent display for trade shows.

Types of displays

Regardless of whether you plan to adopt a used display, create a custom one, or even rent it, the type of booth you require depends on the type of shows you plan to attend and your objectives. Here are the major types of displays that can be used in trade shows.

Tabletop displays: These are affordable, lightweight displays that can be placed on top of a table. They are used for small trade show events. They have three panels with Velcro-attached great graphics. These displays’ headlines can be changed easily.

Pop-up displays: The displays are made of lightweight folding frames covered with plastic panels, vinyl or magnetic-backed fabric.

Pull-up displays: These displays function like a window shade (specifically in reverse) and can be placed in different booth locations or together depending on your design requirements.

Panel displays: Consists of fabric-covered rectangular sections connected to a wall. They are designed to be used on booths with varying sizes and configurations.

Choose a reputable trade show exhibit display supplier

You can perform a quick internet search for trade show display companies, and you will get a large number of suppliers to choose from. Well, it could be daunting to determine the company to choose. Focus on identifying a company that can communicate effectively, create and deliver a display that fits all your requirements, and can guarantee the work.

The signage and graphics

Focus on acquiring signage and graphics that can grab people’s attention and compel them to visit your booth. Many companies provide signage and graphics services on a contract basis or in-house. The most important thing is to hire a professional who can create the right graphics for your trade show.

You should also ensure that the signage with your brand name and products can be seen easily and anyone can read it within less than three seconds.