Design ideas for glass balustrade systems

Unique Metal & Glass has an abundance of knowledge and expertise when it comes to designing creative glass balustrades, if you need inspiration, look no further!

There are so many ways that you can make your home more sophisticated, one of them being through the installation of a glass balustrade. Here are some design ideas to consider:


A Unique Metal & Glass balustrade is commonly used to make the stairs more visible and stylish. They are commonly installed on patios, balconies, staircases, terraced accommodation and swimming pools. This is because of their strength to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures.

Combining beauty and transparency.

If you want to create something unique and stylish, you can’t go wrong with a structural glass wall or glass balustrade! Glass has a certain elegance, hence why it’s used to make stairs more enhancing.

Natural elegance.

A glass balustrade allows you to make use of natural light, ultimately saving you money on your electricity bills. if you want to create a sleek finish to your stairway, why not consider the simple installation of a sleek commercial glass balustrade?

Range of shapes and sizes.

UMG have a complete range of glass balustrades. These are available in various shapes and sizes to specifically meet your individual requirements.

You have the opportunity to adapt balustrades to suit the requirements of the staircases. There are different shapes and sizes available to offer suitability for an array of needs and wants, allowing your balustrade to suit the surroundings perfectly.

Range of materials

The structural glass wall is manufactured from glass; however, it can be paired with any other material to provide a luxurious finish to your staircase.

It’s a matter of choosing which materials blend nicely together, dependent on your personal needs and requirements.

Providing safety.

A UMG glass balustrade can be tailored to suit your needs and wants.

Commercial glass balustrades offer practicality for an array of applications, making them especially useful, so if you’re looking for a glass balustrade that’s modern and stylish, consider the glass balustrades available at UMG!

Visual impact.

A glass balustrade system needs to be exciting and welcoming for a wide variety of customer’s, the structural glass wall is visually appealing and contemporary too- meeting the needs of your demanding projects.

Commercial glass balustrades have an immense visual impact which will enable you to add the perfect finishing touches to your stairway, so don’t hesitate to find something suitable today from UMG!

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