Different Popular folk dance forms in Dubai

The folk for in the dance style has always been the greatest as well as rich culture among all other traditional dance forms in Dubai. The folks of Dubai consider themselves absolutely incomplete without the traditional dance forms. Among all the folk dance styles, three of them are considered as the most popular ones. dubaidance.com is the place where you can find diversified forms of folk dance styles.

Three folks dance styles are discussed here in below:

The Ayyalah

In literal meaning, the word ‘Ayyalah’ depicts a phase of war and the moves in this particular dance style celebrates the invasion over the enemy. The specialty of this dance form is, a group of men takes part while performing this dance style. Almost 25 men are there in the group and all of them coordinate with each other in an interesting manner. However the number of this group may extend up to 200 men. While performing in this particular folk style, the group members form two lines, facing each other. The striking point is that, their arms are lined up in such a manner that they are preparing themselves for battle. The moves of this dance style touch millions of audience heart, because while performing the men point out and wave the swords that they are holding while performing the dance.

The Liwa

There is a touch of African style of the music in the beats of this folk dance style. dubaidance.com provides a range of interesting moves and steps while performing while Liwa. There are some interesting drums used while performing this dance style. The names of these drums include jabwah, Jasser and Shindo. Apart from this, there are few instruments, which are the inseparable part of this dance form styles. The usage of instrument Mizmar is very common for this. After six minutes continuous playing of the Mizmar, a pipe flute, the music for the dance starts right away and the men start entering into the stage. Mizmar , the pipe flute start with very slow rhythm and also it is followed by three different beats of drums.

The Haban

Khamiri is another name of this instrument which is used while performing this folk dance style. This particular dance form only starts and closes with this particular instrument only. This dance style is a bit different from other dance folk style.  In this style, there is a presence of more than one dance group. There will be three groups comprising male and female dancers and their interesting dance moves and the steps give a magical touch to the entire performance. The first group consists 8 women and the second group consists of 8 men. The last comprises of 10 musicians. The beats of this dance form will insist you to take your step forward and match your steps with it.

These are the common folk dance forms you can observe in this regard. There are different other details you can find for each of these dance forms, from the site given above.