Discover the Roman Culture to Its Best with World Class Facilities

Rome is a beautiful place to visit during vacations. It is even better place to visit if you are a great fan of history and love to deep dive in the past and the rich cultural heritage that the city has got to offer. The art and culture can be found on every corner of the street. The city is rich in historical architecture and is drenched in Christianity. Most of the people here are Catholics also known to be the Roman Catholic’s all around the world. The city of Rome has been sub divided into districts depending upon the tourism that it has got to offer.  These districts are greatly connected with passenger transportation, transfer, shuttle and taxi to take you from one place to the other without much difficulty. This has led to tremendous increase in tourism providing ease and comfort to the people visiting Rome.

Talking about the places there are hundreds of places that you can actually visit. Each place is special in its own way. Here are some brief details about the famous spots that you will definitely enjoy-

  1. Ostia Antica- it is basically an archaeological site which was once a seaport of Rome. It has ancient buildings and is a suitable place for clicking lots of breathtaking and cool pictures for you.
  2. Palatine hill– it is one of the Seven Hills of Rome and is linked to the roman mythology. According to the Greek mythology it is here where the twin voys Remus and Romulus were found by the wolves. It is an amazing site and people love to visit this place because of its scenic beauty.
  3. Castel Sant’Angelo– it is a mausoleum which was constructed for the emperor and his family. It was built in the year 123 BC. It was once known to be the tallest building in Rome. The ashes of the emperors is said to have been buried here. It is known to be the setting of Angel and Demons by the film buffs.
  4. Roman forum– it is located in the valleys between the Capitoline hills and the Palatine. It is now a ruin of archaeological fragments and is a beautiful site to visit. People love to visit this place and it is often a venue for public speeches and commercial affairs.

The above mentioned places are one of the most visited places out of the hundreds of beautiful places in Rome. The passenger transportation, transfer, shuttle and taxi will make it easy for you to cover all the major places in less than a week. The facilities will ensure that you love your stay in Rome and visit it again with friends and family.