Enjoy the Luxury in Small Form

Ipoh came into prominence with the boom in tin mining in the 19h century. The capital of the state Perak, it was located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The importance it received in the colonial time could be felt from the grand structures like railway station and the grand old building, which are the tourist attractions today. Today, tourism is the thriving industry here and there are many famous restaurants and shopping malls which cater to the needs of the visiting tourists. Ipoh has all types of hotels from the very luxurious star hotels to the cheap budget hotels. Ipoh boutique hotel is one among them.

Ipoh is well known for the delicious varieties of the cheap street foods which are in the list of favorites of the visiting people and the local people alike. The famous restaurants and the luxury hotels also provide the varieties of the food, for which Ipoh is well known. Ipoh boutique hotel is one other way of welcoming and providing the need of the tourists and the people who want to have a brief stay here. Some of the Luxurious hotels in Ipoh spread over acres of land, provide all modern facilities and the hotels itself resemble a tourist destination. But the boutique hotels are in different form. They are smaller in sizes which provide you the more personalized services.

Boutique Hotel serves You with a Difference

The hotels came into place in the 1980s in major cities like London, San Fransisco, and New York. The American entrepreneur Ian Schrager introduced the concept when he opened his hotel in New York in 1984.

Boutique hotels are not large in size as the branded luxurious hotels and the chain of hotels. They are not so small and have rooms up to a hundred in number.

Boutique hotels are not small in size by temporary arrangements but have the unique, well thought out designs which suit the people visiting there.

The hotels are designed in a unique way to invoke the aesthetic feelings and are unique in the professional and the specialized service they offer.

The hotels don’t compromise in beauty and rich ambiance. They are designed and constructed using high-class materials which give you the unique feeling.

They strive to provide the memorable, unique experience not missing the latest amenities but with the unique spirit.

The hotels by taking into account all the finer details, give you the food with the difference and in most cases incorporate the local flavors.

Types of Boutiques Hotels

The historic boutique hotels present the ancient ambiance and the unique features of a particular period in history. They don’t miss the modern amenities.

The rustic type hotels give you the atmosphere of rural settings. Separate accommodations, personalized sleeping quarters, the varieties of food they offer are different from the ordinary.

 The luxury type hotels, not large in size provide all the luxuries you could get in the star hotels but in a smaller way.

The low-cost hotels cater to the people who look for budget spending and who don’t want to miss the unique experience.

The theme hotels have the atmosphere with different themes like movies, sports, architecture, etc. You have your choice to choose the one which thrills you.