Funeral Services Feature Environmentally Friendly Options

Today, funeral directors are doing their part to offer services and items that are sustainable. Therefore, industry professionals are focusing on green services for people who have environmental concerns. For example, woodland burials are now featured as well as coffins that promote a friendlier ecological environment.

Green Burials

A green burial involves holding the ceremony in a natural setting. Coffins are made of sustainable materials, and the use of a traditional headstone is not permitted. Instead, trees or flat rocks serve as grave markers for the deceased.

Green Practices in the Funeral Industry

An expert funeral company in Dursley may provide green funeral services as well as practice environmental conscientiousness. This means including green strategies in funeral offerings or when doing business. For example, environmentally friendly funeral providers may show their concern by doing the following:

  • Using recycled paper for orders of service
  • Maintaining correspondence on recycled stationery
  • Offering bio-diesel operated hearses
  • Featuring a solar-powered chapel of rest

Alternative Themes                         

If you want to maintain a legacy of environmental consciousness, it is important to choose a funeral provider who is committed to the process. You also want to select a provider that is open to alternative funeral themes. This guarantees that all funeral services are arranged so everyone’s final requests are honoured and met.

Therefore, alternative or humanist services should be offered as well as themes that centre on the deceased’s favourite pastime. Indeed, funeral services that will underscore a person’s beliefs, personality, and influence in a community can be arranged. Pre-planning a funeral ensures that these kinds of wishes are carried out at the time of a person’s passing.