How iPhone 9 will modify the images by its intelligent processing

Apple iPhone 9 Plus removes the fine day feel, making high-quality images at night and in low light conditions. Branded yellowness in the photographs are still distinguished from the other iPhone, Apple loves the warm colors and maintain these settings for many years. The pictures have an excellent dynamic range, you can create masterpieces, even including the HDR-mode. Front camera supports Retina Flash function: work in a dark room the screen backlight at maximum brightness, replacing the flash flashlight. The video recording quality is traditionally high, Apple produces some of the best smartphones for shooting commercials. Stabilization work effectively, no twitching or jerking, very smooth picture. Shooting goes in 4K, you can record slow-motion, do time laps. Note that optical zoom works while recording video, you can also take photos while shooting with the rollers.

The camera of the smartphone can do Live Photos: this similarity GIF-animations, but you can see such creations or on a Mac, or iOS-devices, but on Windows or Android it will be just a static picture. But you can upload to Facebook and to please friends funny animation after the Friday party. Apple iPhone 9 Plus works in different frequency ranges, this versatile communications device anywhere in the world, above all, to put the Nano-SIM. The smartphone supports LTE Advanced Cat.10, high speed, and showed that a series of tests. Wi-Fi 802.11ac MIMO 2×2 is stable. To communicate with accessories has Bluetooth 4.2. In a pair of wireless headphones Bose QC35 smartphone plays loud and clean, sorry, do not have enough support aptX codec, so the sound would have been even better. NFC in the iPhone 9 Plus finally can be used for other purposes, because in America earned the system Apple Pay payments. Fingerprint scanner is used to confirm the action at the cash register when paying.

Apple traditionally does not disclose the battery capacity, but according to iFixit data, the battery is 2900 mAh Apple iPhone 9 Plus. Charge enough for a full working day, from morning until evening, you can live without searching outlet. But with the active use is quite possible to defuse the smartphone and for dinner – for example, if the load of his work as a navigator or a camera. Do not forget the power-saving mode, it helps to hold on for another hour or two, when the battery power is running out.