How to enhance the natural climate with ceiling fans?

Ever felt extremely hot due to the climate? Ceiling fans are the most classic way of solving this issue. Air conditioners are not always the best options because of the high costs and expensive maintenance. The climate AC provides is a synthetic one which is why it feels uncomfortable the next minute one steps out of an AC room. It makes the body accustomed to the artificial climate which is not a good thing for the skin. With the smoldering heat outside the best appliance to make anyone comfortable is none other than the most ignored ceiling fans. Unlike air conditioners which dehydrate the body, ceiling fan circulates the air and gradually reduces the room temperature. Let’s dig deep to find out how to enhance the natural climate with ceiling fans.

The principle behind the Ceiling fans:

One must know the principle about the working of the ceiling fans before exploring the ways to enhance climate. The greatest ability of a ceiling fan is to create the cooling effect and make the room temperature comfortable. The hot air present in the upper part of the house is the effect of the chimney and the ceiling fan which is placed in the bottom stir continuously to push the hot air out. Fans channel out the air from the room in a circular manner making it cooler more evenly.

Efficient Use of Ceiling Fans:

The placement of the ceiling fan also plays a significant role in the room temperature. The best-installed ceiling fans are 7-9 feet above the floor and 10-12 inches below the roof. This is the perfect position to place the ceiling fans and use it efficiently. The diameter of the fans should be around 36 to 44 inches. Larger the fan is, better is the air circulation. The blade of the ceiling fans also impacts its cooling capability. Larger blades are reasonably capable of cooling than the fans with smaller blades. High-quality ceiling fans operate quietly and smoothly without making any such noise.

Benefits of the Ceiling fan:

When the temperature outside is very high, the ceiling fans come to the rescue. Unlike other artificial appliances, they are affordable, and efficient to enhance the natural climate of the room. The temperature is also affected by the speed of the fan. Ceiling fans utilize the lowest power, and the natural soothing breeze takes the stress away. The energy consumption is low, and so is the maintenance cost.

Change the blade direction:

Changing the ceiling fan rotation direction helps to gain more benefits. In summer, set the fan to rotate in the counter clockwise direction and clockwise direction in winter. In summer, the air movement that goes in the forward direction cools down the body. By reversing the rotation in winter to clockwise direction helps to circulate the hot air that is collected near the ceiling goes down and make the room warm.

Some things which you should keep in mind before choosing a better ceiling fan for controlling the natural climate:

  • The 900 mm ceiling fan can cool down the temperature by 1.6 degrees. For 1200 mm fan it is 2.4 degrees. So the size of the fan also matters.
  • Buyer needs to check the motor specification. It should be made of heavier materials like die-cast materials.
  • Various motor speeds should be available. At least having three speeds of the motor are recommended.
  • The ball bearing in the motor should be permanently lubricated or needs to be lubricated periodically.
  • Check the noise that the ceiling fan is producing before purchasing. The fans with sharp edged blades make more noise.
  • Warranty should cover from one year to life time. Though the repairs in the ceiling fans are rare, having warranty improves the confidence.

Ceiling fan companies like Havells, Atomberg and Crompton Greaves are the best choices. With the best ceiling fans that produce natural air, no one will ever notice the need of synthetic ambiance.