Pregnancy and change in pH

pH in Human Body

Pregnancy requires a lot of planning and anticipation and also this period comes with a lot of stress and concern. Every father and especially her mother is very much worried about the health and development of their child. However, to deliver a healthy baby a mother has to face a lot of tough times and many changes in the physical as well as chemical coordination. Thus amidst all those changes at that time the body needs to have an optimum balance so that the baby becomes healthy. pH is all about the amount of acidity and alkalinity present in the human body. Measured on a scale of 14, 7 is regarded as the neutral pH and the pH below 7 is regarded as the acidic and above that is alkaline.

pH and Baby-making

The pH of the body in normal condition is about 7.4 that is slightly in the alkaline range. However, pregnancy induces a change in the pH range too especially in the vaginal region as well as in the cervical region. The natural condition of the vagina and the cervix is slightly acidic. This condition is required very much as many microorganisms either harmful or beneficial reside in that part. And thus it forms another protective covering to that region. Continuous exposure to sperm during baby-making significantly reduces the pH of the vagina. And thus it helps in the survival of the sperm so that it can have a healthy mating.

Effects of pH change during pregnancy

During the gestation, it is seen that the fetus is very much affected by the change in the pH condition of the body. Abnormal pH in pregnancy can cause a lot of complication during the gestation which, might lead to excessive nausea, vomiting and also heartburn. A problem in the pH range can also induce other complications like infertility. Maintaining a proper pH range is very much important and the best way to do that is eating proper food.


Heartburn is a very common condition experienced by every woman in their pregnancy period. Often it is mistaken for the problem in the heart however, the situation is something very much different. It happens due to an increase in the acid level in the body due to indigestion. Increase in the stomach acid also changes the pH range of the stomach. And the effect is felt in the chest region like a burning sensation. The expected mom’s also experience cravings for having acidic food which further increases the acid content of the stomach.

How to maintain the pH during pregnancy?

The best way to maintain pH levels in pregnancy is by eating proper food. Eating alkaline foods are much more important than having food with high acid content.  In case of digestion problem doctors prescribe antacids which are alkaline in nature and thus reduce the acid content to bring it to the neutral level. These antacids are composed of bicarbonates. A bit unusual but very effective, alkaline mineral waters are also present in the market, which can be used by the pregnant woman to maintain the optimal range.