Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung is getting ready to shine with Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is almost all that we had hoped to see in one of the most powerful, sophisticated and stylish smartphones. No technological progress does not stand still and new opportunities for Galaxy S9 is coming up. Phone won’t be launched on the market, for a long time but this does not mean that the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S9 have not yet appeared.

Release Date Samsung Galaxy S9

There is speculation that Samsung Galaxy S9 release date is early 2018. As a rule, inherent for Samsung to release their new flagship at this time, the last couple of years have shown that Samsung presents its phones the day before the Mobile World Congress, which in 2018 starts on February 27 that is why it is assumed that the Galaxy S9 will be released on 26 February.

From the point of view of analysts, even if the release date will coincide with the expected, then it picks up it will be possible only after 2 weeks – in the best case on March 13. While other rumors Galaxy S9 release date can be transferred in April, in connection with which the expectation may be delayed.

On the other hand, the launch may be postponed for a time, due to the fact that Samsung is investigating the causes of the sensational failure Galaxy S8 (overheating problem).

There are rumors that Samsung can make two versions of the Galaxy S9, but both models will be curved screens. A source said that the model will receive name Dream and Dream 2. One with a 5.1-inch screen and the other with 5.5 inches display.

Incidentally, the lower display will have a resolution of QHD, while larger – 4K.

Samsung takes a big step in the development of virtual reality glasses and use in their VR headsets. For this reason, companies simply need a phone with sharp corners, so it makes sense for Samsung to release at least one version of the Samsung Galaxy S9, suitable for glasses VR.

Also rumored to be on Web known that Samsung Galaxy S9 can have a 5.2-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 x 4096. It is also assumed that the home button will be removed – potentially meaning fewer framing and maybe even a fingerprint reader, built-in screen.

Considering the facts leaked for Samsung Galaxy S9, it is clear that we are going to welcome the Samsung Galaxy S9 with a bang in 2018, meanwhile enjoy your Samsung Galaxy S8 to be releasing soon on your market shelves.