Steroid and Safety – Is it At All Possible?

Steroids and safety, can they even belong in the same sentence? Most people would say there is no such thing. The side effects being published are really not very good for steroids reputation. We cannot blame them for people need to know what they are getting into when they use this compound. Big companies capitalize on people’s vanity to market these drugs. Steroids, after all, are the only compounds that have a direct effect on muscle mass. Part of the thing that makes steroids so popular is that they are available everywhere, especially since the internet was added to the mix. People Buy Steroid Cycle online and gym providers abound. Massive advertising campaign proclaims Steroids for sale USA and entices people to buy online. As for safety, it is a relative term when it comes to steroids. Here are a few of the major side effects of steroid use for you to consider.

       Steroid use will cause some degree of damage to your liver and kidneys, depending on your dosage it may even cause liver cancer. Steroid use will enlarge your heart, causing numerous, possibly fatal problems in the long run. Use of the compounds may lower the protective role of your immune system and increase your risk of infection. Steroid use may also cause osteoporosis. Elevated blood pressure is always present. Blood sugar level may also increase along with blood pressure.

        Now that you know some of the most major side effects, here are some tips as to how you can overcome or at least minimize their effect on your body while you are in a cycle. Know that to learn as much as you can is key to steroid use safety, do not take my word or anyone’s word for it. Study and learn anything that you can about steroid use. Also, take injections rather than oral. Steroid cause ulcers and gastric imbalance leading to ulcers if taken orally. In line with this, also learn about “steroid injection protocol”. Always do cardio workouts. Also, one very important thing is that you need to have blood tests done before starting a cycle, this is for you to have those baseline health markers for comparison when you do your PCT after the cycle. These blood tests should also be taken during the cycle to monitor any irregularities in your health markers. They will, of course, be elevated but they should level out and balance at some point, if not consult the experts. Two weeks after the last injection of the cycle, subject yourself to Post Cycle Therapy or PCT, this is to wean yourself from steroid dependence and ensure your body can start producing its own testosterone and to balance out your hormones in this period. This usually takes about 45 days to happen.