Top Four Men Shoe Fashion Trends 2016

When it comes to spotting men fashion trends, it is usually the upper and the lower body which people notice the most. If you want to stay ahead in fashion, you need to consider at least one item fashion wise especially that of your footwear. Here are the top four shoe trends for men this year.

  1. Trainers – Trainers have vastly increased their popularity in recent years. They are without doubt secondary to formal and brown shoes. Trainers are big though not particularly revelatory. Velcro is being used a lot when it comes to trainers or sneakers and is a huge trend for both. Every high end brand has come up with these styles. However, the ones with the laces are not much trending and are trailing behind.

  1. Monochrome and tonal – These two are considered to be two opposing factions that are vying for supremacy in the trainer market. On one side of this fashion trend, there are the technical and the statement trainers along with their bright and high performance factors. On the other, there are the more paired as well as minimalist styles. Well, the pendulum is leaning more towards the toned down as well as tonal side. The market has been full of collaborations when it comes to sneakers loosely designed around a theme or a story so there is a gap in the market to produce more mature or sophisticated sneakers. Dusty pink, khaki and stone are the colours of the season and at the same time perfect for tonal dressing.

  1. Crepe soles – Another shoe fashion trend is the crepe which is a kind of and similar to rubber that is originally coagulated straight off the tree, although nowadays synthetic rubber crepes are used on shoe racks. They are still applied to and are most commonly used in the desert and chakka boots. However, this season, you will also see them on brogues as well as Derbies. It might be a desert and a crepe connection but something about the soles says that it is not weather and combined with suede upper, it is a sure shot way to make formal footwear more defined.

  1. Sandals – Yes you heard that right, however, here as a shoe fashion trend we are talking about leather sandals which make them distinct from cheap rubber flip flops. Top designers have been pushing sandals with increasing force since the last few seasons now. It’s been a major evolution from the poor slider trend and indeed these “mandals” are considered in the premium material like leather makes them sit more naturally alongside a more summer look and even tailoring that is relaxed as well as deconstructed. However, they got a very much edgy look and are highly ventilated. What is more, they are also supremely practical for the summer season.

So what do you think about the above mentioned styles in male shoe, underwear  fashion trends, costumes They are the ultimate in comfort and most of the time you don’t have to spend a fortune for acquiring them.