Trades Prime Is Your Forex Partner offers solutions to traders, who desire to have enjoyable, powerful and professional trading. The site is not complicated as all you need to access the information is a smartphone or tablet and internet connection. Once you have the above requirements, you can trade during the day or at night: the hour of your convenience. The 24/7 availability of the site ensures that clients do not miss any golden opportunity that may arise in the trade market.

Tradesprime also provides a competent and dependable customer care team that assist all traders in case they need clarification or are stuck. The customer service team serves you with uttermost professionalism in their approach as they are well trained in trading matters and in other customer care services. is also not IP sensitive, helping customers from all parts of the world to trade. Moreover, it also does not limit customers, who travel all over the world as they can access their trading accounts and company information anytime they log into their accounts. Customers are only required to download the Trade Prime App from Google store, Apple store, or any other site.

Advantages of the App

Trades Prime is advantageous because it allows its users to access all information from the comfort of their homes, offices, and from any section of the world. Consequently, it does not limit the mobility of its users. Moreover, the firm has powerful, enjoyable, and user-friendly features that make it easy for even starters to start trading. Moreover, the customers have a variety of trading facilities and tools, which the customers use in making their decisions on the apps. The App is also compatible with many Android and IOS devices, making it easier for the customers to log in. It is also easy to use and you can start trading within minutes of downloading and installing the app on your device.


If you have an existing account, you only need to use your official trading credentials to log into your account. However, if you are a new user, you are allowed to open a new account using your device and start trading. In case, you encounter a problem or need some clarification, you can talk to the proficient support team in the company at any time. Furthermore, new users are allowed to open demo accounts that they can use to learn before opening the real accounts.

Meta Trader 4

Notably, the site also allows the users to utilize Meta Trader 4 as the main trading platform due to the advantages associated with the technology. Tradesprime realizes that Meta Trader 4 is useful in allowing the traders’ investments to rise. Moreover, it allows stock indices, commodity stocks, and Forex currency plans easily. The platform is equally useful, as it allows the users to access, many resources that teach them investment strategies from novice traders. Traders who use the Meta Trader 4 do not have to download other software to trade. As a result, the app does not take up extra disc space on one’s device.


Tradesprime allows its users to choose from a wide range of accounts. The management understands that customers have diverse financial goals and needs, hence the diversified accounts. The Basic Account holders deposit an initial amount of $200 to 999. The second type of account is Gold Forex Account that one deposits an initial amount of $999 and 9,999. Finally, the Premium Account holders deposits 9, 999 and above as an initial amount.