Transform Your Business With Today’s Top CRM Programs

Stay ahead of the competition and take your customer relationship management to a new level with the best CRM programs available today.

Customer relationship management programs have become an absolute necessity in the global business environment of today. In order to able to compete effectively, businesses need to deploy CRM software programs (previously known as CRM computer programs) that allow them to offer lightning speed responses to client inquiries and requests, regardless of the size and physical location of the responding teams.

Understanding CRM Software Programs

In order to understand what a CRM program can do for your business, whether it was a locally installed solution or one of the online CRM programs available today, take a closer look at the way any business operates. Businesses rely on sales of their products or services to generate revenue. Businesses also rely on marketing to spread the word about these products and services and they also need to be able to offer effective support of these products and services once sold.

CRM programs were created to manage these three core aspects of any business, namely sales, marketing and customer service. Business operating in different industries implement their own way of doing things within these three core business operations. However, the core features required to manage these three operations in any business are very similar to one another. As an example, modern CRM programs usually provide the ability to manage the sales funnel and the sales pipeline of any business, while also providing the ability to tweak the way they are handled within the program.

The Benefits of CRM Programs

Now that we have an understanding of what CRM programs can do, let us take a closer look at the benefits such programs can offer for businesses.

Increased Revenues: CRM programs have the ability to consolidate all kinds of customer data in a single and unified platform. This allows sales professionals to better understand their customer and make them able to offer more relevant products and services. Additionally, the sales automation tools that are usually provided with such programs ensure that every incoming lead from any channel integrated with the program is responded to promptly.

Improved Communications: Consolidated customer data also allows marketing professionals to easily tailor personalized messaging to individual customers based on their historical preferences and prior engagements with the business. A more personal touch to communications is always a good thing in marketing as it helps serve the bottom line of generating more business and retaining customer loyalty. Additionally, social media automation tools can be integrated with modern CRM programs to ensure that customer engagement is always tended to promptly and personally.

Better Customer Service: Businesses understand that the relationship with a customer does not end with the conclusion of the sale. Good businesses understand that closing a sale is just the beginning of the relationship. Customer service and support in CRM programs use the consolidated customer data to allow a business to respond in a personal manner to support and service requests in a timely and comprehensive fashion. All support options and facilities are neatly laid out for the support professionals to be able to deliver comprehensive and prompt service to today’s increasingly demanding customers, leaving no customer need un attended to.

The Best CRM Programs

We have gone through the hassle of examining a few of the top CRM programs available in the market today to help you pick the right one for your business. Here is a summary of our findings:

Bpm’online: Bpm’online is our editor’s top choice on this shortlist of the best CRM programs available today. It is a comprehensive and powerful tool for managing the entire customer lifecycle from lead acquisition to after sale service and support. It intelligently brings together the sales, marketing and service operations of any business into a single, intuitive and feature-rich interface. At the core of the platform is the award winning process management engine of Bpm’online, which allows businesses to customize their sales, marketing and service processes with the ease of a visual drag-and-drop editor and without any programing or coding experience required.

The platform is packed with powerful features, such as sales automation, multichannel marketing automation, realtime dashboards, custom reports, individual and team KPIs, mobile readiness and much more. Its 3rd party integration capabilities allow businesses to extend the already comprehensive feature set of this powerful platform into new venues. It is available for deployment on premise or offered as a service in the cloud directly from the provider.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Microsoft joins this list of top CRM providers with the powerful and versatile Dynamics 365 platform, formerly known as Dynamics CRM. For businesses that operate in a Microsoft environment with many Microsoft products (Windows Server, Office, Active Directory, Exchange Server, SQL Server), this platform is a perfect fit as it comes with already tight integration with Microsoft’s product range. Its impressive list of features include customer segmentation, sales pipeline management and analytics, account and contact management, forecasting and sales analytics, cross-team workflow management and knowledge base management. One of its unique features is that it is available in offline mode and provides intuitive mobile access.

NetSuite CRM+: The NetSuite CRM+ platform from Oracle is a robust online CRM platform that is best suited for small and medium sized businesses. It is only offered as a cloud based subscription, but that does not mean that it skimps on functionality and flexibility. It is packed with a feature set that is typical of Oracle’s software development approach. Features include sales automation, customer analytics and reporting, individual and team dashboards. It is powered by Oracle’s veteran database engine, which offers powerful data search and sorting features efficiently and quickly. For businesses wishing to extend the functionality of this platform, Oracle offers the NetSuite Business Operation Platform that allows programmers to design, develop and deploy customized solutions that fits any business requirement.