credit cards

Types of credit cards available in the market

Credit cards differ in terms of the benefits they offer. Different companies offer different credit cards. Following types of credit cards are available in the market:

  1. Cash discounts and reward points:

One type of credit cards is that which offers cash discounts and other reward points. Reward points enable you to get free items like clocks, pens, home appliances and other things depending upon the points you have gathered. You can win these points simply by spending with your card. But be cautious to use these points before their expiry. Cash rebates are also given by some companies where you get cash backs then and there. Some cards offer points that can be used for getting discounts on ticket purchasing, restaurant meals and car rental services. Some companies collaborate with other retail companies to offer cash discounts while shopping on these specific outlets with your credit card.

  1. Credit cards for students and beginners:

Students can also get credit cards to start building their credit history. These cards offer comparatively less interest rates. They are usually given in the presence of a person who signs to give guarantee in case the original customer defaults. These types of cards give a good chance to the beginners to start building a good credit history. You can refer to the updated list of top cards for 2017 find get information about latest promotions.

  1. Credit cards for businessmen:

Some cards are specially designed for business class keeping in mind their needs. They are divided into different categories like gold, classic, premium, platinum and like. They differ in terms of the credit limits, perk and rewards points. Perks include discounted visits to special lounges, priority services and credit cards for the company’s employees and much more.

  1. Unsecured and secured credit cards:

Unsecured credit cards are those that are not backed by any kind of security. They have low spending limits. As they are not backed by any kind of security, companies usually charge higher interest rates on them. Opposite to them are secured cards. As the name suggests, they are backed by some kind of security mostly cash placed in an account opened in the name of the credit card holder. They have higher spending limits as compared to the unsecured cards. You can see updated list of top cards for 2017 to find new offers.