Linen Delivered

When Are The Best Times To Have Linen Delivered?

Linen deliveries need to be scheduled like clockwork so that businesses can continue to serve customers and guests efficiently. A delivery at the busiest time of the day is not ideal because employees then have to stop what they are doing to deal with the linen.

Have Linen Delivered When Large Groups Of Guests Are Scheduled To Leave

Hotels do not always have a consistent number of guests, so it is a wise idea to have linen delivered during this drop-off period. Hotel employees can make up the beds whilst the rooms are empty. After the linen has been put on the bed, the room is going to be ready for new guests to arrive.

Linen Can Be Sent To Hotels Late At Night

After a long day exploring the surrounding area, guests come back to the hotel for a peaceful sleep. Late at night is one of the best times to have linen delivered, because guests are in their rooms. Any linen that has been delivered can then be put into the stockroom until it is needed.

New Linen Can Be Delivered When Staff Members Are At A Loose End

Sometimes staff members at the hotel find that they are at a loose end with nothing much to do. Schedule a delivery of linen from Johnsons Stalbridge at short notice so that the employees have something to occupy themselves with. This is also a useful way to evaluate how employees deal with pressure at short notice – they will need to store the linen properly and put fresh linen down in the restaurant and bedrooms.

Have Linen Delivered When Low Season Is Starting

Low season means a period of time when people are at work rather than on their holiday. This is the perfect time to get some fresh linen and to makeover certain parts of the establishment. The linen can be used until the high season starts again. More linen needs to be ordered in the summer to cope with the influx of new guests because they will expect completely fresh bedsheets to lie on.

Which Linen Is Suitable For A Hotel?

  • Bedsheets have to be extremely soft.
  • Pillowcases need to be large enough to fit over the pillows perfectly.
  • Duvet covers must be suitable for people who have very sensitive skin.
  • Tablecloths for the hotel restaurant need to be large enough to cover the table completely. Also, the tablecloths must be resistant to stains.
  • Napkins should be stylish.

Crucial – Select A Company That Can Do Deliveries At Short Notice

Hotel managers have to be able to deal with emergencies in a calm and collected manner. It is not unheard of to run out of clean linen at peak times, so a delivery has to be scheduled at very short notice.

Ask linen companies whether they are able to deliver with just an hour’s notice because this factor is going to help the hotel to run efficiently.