Why Getting a Will Organised is in Your Best Interests

A lot of people still don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about some issues, and more than often these same issues are a major importance to loved ones, family and friends.

Most people have heard about those experiencing the devastating effects of losing a beloved family member unawares, which then became even harder due to the deceased not having a will in place.

So, let’s look at some things to consider, should you still not have a properly prepared will:

  • Precisely who is going to inherit what? With no prepared will, it then means that the government will select who will, and won’t inherit your assets based on the Law of Intestacy. Nobody wishes to leave their estate to people they have not chosen.
  • Guardianship of children – Arranging a legal guardian is very important, as without the benefit of a will, the authorities can take it upon themselves to choose a guardian to take care of your children. This means that your loved ones may end up with persons who you would have never chosen to look after them. This will create distress for your children, and any family members, who were expecting to be their guardians.
  • Inheritance Tax – Nobody out there wants to pay one penny more than they already do to the taxman, right?! By having a written will, you can choose to lower the amount of inheritance tax you pay, if not fully eliminating all of it.
  • Funeral Preparations – With no will, the fees for the arrangement of a funeral will be given to a family member or friends to pay for in advance. This can then later be claimed back from the estate, should there be any money left in it, otherwise the friend or relative will not be able to recover the costs.
  • For the very best service in funeral planning in Cambridge, make sure to contact local well-established specialists in the business.
  • Charity Donation – If you wish to leave money to a charity or organisation, this will be impossible, because there’s nothing in place specifying your request.

And those are just some of the reasons why you should get expert help in preparing your will instead of leaving everything to chance.

Let’s now take a quick look at the advantages of a professional will service:

Expertise with Experience

It is in everyone’s best interests to use a professional service, because of what has happened before so often in the past. If there’s just a small mistake when dealing with such matters, it can create total disarray and end in expensive and unnecessary legal battles.

Peace of Mind

If you wish for the very best for your family and friends future, it’s in your best interests to put things in order prior to anything which may happen. After doing so, you won’t have any deep seated concerns regarding any such matters.